Stella May I if freezing coffee beans is beneficial?

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Of course you may. Do you keep your coffee beans in the freezer? A few posts back I shared how grinding your coffee beans fresh is the easiest way to improve your morning brew. (post here) Well I have been trying to continue learning more about coffee and what the best ways are to improve my brew. I stumbled upon this article and I wanted to ask, where do you store your coffee?
We have a Costco sized coffee beans and since I am the only one in the household that drinks it, I needed a way to store it without it going bad. (I'm not afraid of expiring, I just want it to keep it's freshness longer.) Most coffee experts don't suggest storing beans in the freezer since freezers work by removing heat and evaporating the moisture. That will mess with the balance within the bean and alter it.
I think I will be following this advice: treat coffee as you would fresh bread. It's best to have it fresh, but when you have to the second best option is to freeze it. (I like to keep hot dog buns in the freezer for a quick snack.) I will have to keep in mind to defrost the beans before I grind it though! The moisture left on the burrs can lead to rust.
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