Stella May I know if you finally saw Finding Dory?

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I did! Me and Mister went to the theaters about an hour ahead of time and staked out good seats and finally saw the movie. I thought I would share my favorite things in the movie. (No spoilers here)
Cuddle Time! These little sea otters were the cutest thing! By far my favorite new characters.
I thought going into the movie the beluga was going to be my favorite, as they are my favorite at the Georgia Aquarium, but the otters are too cute! So not only can you find beluga whales at the Georgia Aquarium, but there are also whale sharks! Finding Dory really explains what makes Dory, Dory. How she knows how to speak whale and why she just keeps swimming!
And how much Dory likes squishy things.
Two unexpected characters: Gerald and Becky. These two characters are so quirky and they appear in some of the funniest scenes in the movie.
Where is the Becky Tsum Tsum?
If you watched Finding Nemo (and you liked it), then go get yourself to watch Finding Dory. I highly recommend it! Thanks Sigourney Weaver.
Oh and Piper was amazing! 

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