Stella, May I know why you are so upsy daisy today?

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Why that's because today is National Upsy Daisy Day! I've realized I like to post a a lot of these silly national holidays, but that's just more of a reason to celebrate! (The last post -click here- was Donut Day and how can you say no to donuts and daisies?) Whenever I think about daisies, I almost always think back to the scene in You've Got Mail. It's when Joe comes over with daisies for Kathleen since she was feeling sick. And I agree with her! Daisies are the friendliest flowers!
Merriam-Webster defines it as (an interjection) used to express reassurance typically to a small child when it is being lifted.
And who can forget about Daisy Duck!
Another gif. I just can't resist posting about them. (as always click through for the original source for each image.)
Other ways people go about upsy daisies? up-a-daisy, ups-a-daisy, upsee-daisy, and upsidaisy.
Well I hope that lifted your spirits a little! Happy Upsy-Daisy Day!

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