Stella, May I know how your planner dilemma is going?

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Well let me tell you, the search is very much still in play. Last week I shared my first little planner haul, Click here. I was pretty darn content with my choices, but then when Mister came home I showed him and he asked why I didn't pick up the new version of my current planner. As you may remember it was because I wanted a bigger size so that my planner could double up as a notebook. Then I got to thinking, it doesn't hurt to snap it up while it's still in stores and compare them.
We then trotted back to Target and picked it up. If I was going to make a decision about my planner I should at least have all the options. (This spontaneous trip is also when I spotted my new shoes! click here for that post.)
 One of the main reasons I didn't want this one again was because I was a little tired of the stripes and wanted a little change. But as you can see there are some subtle differences between the two. The new one (2016-2017) is on the left and my current version (2015-2016) is on the right. In the picture above, I have the hard plastic cover flipped over. As you can see the new version has an outlined block to label the year instead of the flag in the upper right corner. The 2016-17 version also removed the pink bar along the spiral. (By the way, the spiral is still the same gold coil. No improvements there. Since this planner stays mainly at home, I don't really get many dents from bringing it places. I have noticed that it has started to bend out of the round shapes. That's why I moved the ribbon bookmark to the second ring. I'm still content with it since it has been nearly a year!)
 Since I do have both versions I will continue to compare the two. For easier reference I left my planner bookmark in my current one to help distinguish the two. (Click here for my ribbon bookmark tutorial.) From this angle you can most clearly see that they lighten the pink in the tabs.
 The first page is also very similar. It is still this flag design, but instead of listing what is inside there is a space to write who this planner belongs to and who to contact if found. They then moved the BlueSky and DayDesigner information to the bottom of the page in faint white print. This is probably my favorite improvement between the two years. It simplifies the page and makes it easier to look at.
 The day-to-day pages look the same. (The pink color is just a little but lighter, more pastel. Although this could be the work of the printers and not an intentional change.)
They have however changed the little accent color. Instead of the purple it is now a mint green. The accent color is only used on holidays. The rest of the monthly view is the same. (Well, except for that lightened pink color.)
One of the most unique differences with the DayDesigner planner compared to others is the care and instruction they include with how to use the planner. It really walks you through how to make the most of your planner and how to reach your goals. They have printed the same introduction to the creator of DayDesigner, Whitney English, and how to use the planner in front few pages of the planner as last year's.

So my thinking is that I am going to stick to the daily planner instead of the weekly planner. Now it's just between the gold spotted large one and this smaller blue striped one. The large one is mint on the inside while the smaller one is pink. Decisions, decisions! I'll probably make a pro/con list... It's a good thing it's only June and I have the month to decide before I switch over. Which planner do you think I should pick? Let me know by commenting below!

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