Stella, May I know why we don't have possums in America?

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For today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday I would like to share that I just found out possums and opossums are not really the same, with one major difference. Basically, not the same at all. They are both mammals that kinda look like big rats. They are both in the marsupial family. However possums are mostly only found in Australia. The "American Possum" we know are actually opossums! Specifically, opossums are specific to only North America.
What are other differences? The opossum has a white face and grayish-white body, with black ears and feet. They also have sharp teeth and a rat-like tail.
On the other hand, the possums have four variations of color: gold, black, brown, and silver/gray. Possums have softer, bushier fur. Instead of the rat-like tail of their American cousin, the Possum has a bushy tail! It could be said they look more like large chinchillas than large rats.

I hope I have described the differences well enough so now you can tell identify the ones pictured! Answer: The first two pictures are of Opossums and the third picture is a Possum. How cute are those baby opossums! Now you (and I!) know to identify all those opossums we see as opossums! (That is unless you are in Australia.) Have a g'day and happy Friday!

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