Stella May I know which planner you finally chose?

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Of course you may. It's the end of June and that means it's also the end of my planner. Last month I shared that I use the Day Designer planner and I wanted to stick with the same brand this year. I purchased two (plus one more) right as they released at Target. After much contemplating, I chose to stick with the same style as last year. How boring of me.. Let me explain.
Do you keep all your old planners? I do and this would be the first time since my high school years that I will have a matching one. You remember the planners they hand out at the beginning of the year? I don't know why I still want to keep them, as I don't need to know what my sophomore year math assignment was, but I just do. Now this might just be a two year set I will have (hopefully, they will have this collaboration again next year..), but it will be nice to see them next to each other.
 As you can see, I have already started to settle into the new planner. The first thing to do: make a new planner bookmark.
 After tying the ribbon onto the second to top ring, take the excess ribbon and fold in half.
 Then just snip at an angle (downwards toward the open side of the fold).
Perfect two points! To seal off the ends, use a flame to slightly burn the edges. Last year's tutorial is here
Now you might think putting on the ribbon bookmark isn't really finalizing this planner, but look! I wrote my name in it. I've claimed it and it's mine.
I have also started filling out the guides the planner has. Setting up a morning and evening routine. This year I also want to write exclusively in cursive. I notice that since being out of school (two mentions in a single post! I must be feeling nostalgic), that my penmanship hasn't been looking great. Hopefully by writing cursive daily will help with that.
One of the biggest reasons for not picking the big, pretty gold one? I decided to incorporate OneNote. I used to use OneNote to take notes in college (third time!), and it was a nice way to save the interesting things and recipes I found online. I can just print them into the OneNote notebook. Then I won't need the extra space the gold spotty planner provided.

Let me know if any of you want the large Day Designer planner! It looks like they are sold out at Target.

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