Stella May I ask why you insist on watching Pixar movies in theaters?

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Of course you may. It's because I really like the animated shorts that play before the feature film. Me and Mister have tried to watch Finding Dory three times now and failed each time. Mister's gripe about watching movies at the theater is to have good seats. If we are going to watch a movie in theaters (and leave the comfort of the bed), we are not going to just settle for off-to-the-side or neck-breaking seats. Since this movie has been so popular all the good (and even decent seats Mister would have settled for) were taken. Normally we only go to the theaters for action films (namely Marvel ones) and just wait for them to come out in video (how archaic!) and watch it at home, but since Finding Nemo was one of our favorite films we knew we wanted to watch the sequel in theaters.

I don't normally see teasers for the animated shorts, but when I spotted this cute teaser, I wanted to share it. It's too cute not to! I can't wait to watch Finding Dory. Have you seen it yet? Are you a fan of the animated shorts?

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