Stella, May I know why it took you over an hour to travel 6 miles?

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Well, that's because we got a flat. Me and Mister were traveling down to Tallahassee this past weekend and at the last 6 miles, we got a tire blow out. It didn't look like Donald up there with all four tires blown, but it was pretty frustrating. We were driving and all of the sudden the car started feeling bumpy. Mister thought it was just the country roads and I thought it was the tire. A few moments later, I smelled that burnt tire odor. We blew out the tire.
Our flat tire looked more like this. Now me and Mister have changed flats before, so why did it take so long to get there? Well first it was the middle of the night and because we were driving the country back roads, there weren't any street lights. But not just because there weren't street lights, there were also no where to pull out of the highway. We ended up in someone's gravel driveway.
This was a two lane road without any street lights. If we were changing the tire on gravel it would have taken us twice as long. So we ended up sticking the head of the car into the road, just until the blown out tire is on the flat paved road and changed it there. This was the most terrifying moment that night. The head of the car was partially into the road so oncoming traffic might hit it if they were paying attention. Thankfully we did the whole thing in about 18 minutes and only 2 cars passed us. (Remember it was the middle of the night and it was the middle of nowhere.)
As we were changing the tire, we noticed that it was extremely hot. By now we had already traveled for 4 hours so it's to be expected that they should be warm. But the tire was too hot to touch! After putting on the spare (or as I have learned the donut), we drove for about 5 minutes and checked on the tire. The spare was also getting hot. The only option was to drive at 20 mph for 5 minutes and stop to let it cool for another 10 minutes. That's how this last 6 miles took one hour. One good thing about being out in the country? The stars.
I hoped you enjoyed my little story time. Comment below with your story about a flat tire!

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