Stella May I know Mister's silly way to cut a watermelon?

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Of course you may. I am a fan of having my watermelon cubed. The way I cut watermelon is to have it quartered then slicing into wedges without going all the way through. Then making lengthwise slices, again not going through the skin, and finally scooping it out the cubed pieces. (Click here for the method I used, but better explained.)
 Mister thought he had a better method. He started with cutting the watermelon in half.
 *If you don't first halve the watermelon, then you can end up with a watermelon pill. (click here)
 By halving the watermelon, you create a stable base. Then start taking away the rind.
This was just taking off the green part. Mister wasn't done yet, he then continued to slice off the white part.
This was much easier with a sharp larger knife. (We switched around knives to find the best one. Largest, sharpest one was the best.)
It actually looks pretty cool at this point.
 And then just start cubing.

The silly thing is Mister doesn't even like watermelon! At least at the end of all this sill cutting I still have my cubed watermelon. I hope you are having a happy start of summer! Comment below and share how you have your watermelon. (On super lazy moments, my sister and I used to just take a spoon and eat it.)

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