Stella May I know why you have fallen again for the latest Starbucks trend?

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 Why of course you may! This one was just a too pretty to pass up. This is unofficially the Starbuck's #pinkdrink and it has been all over social media.
 Now Starbucks has other pink drinks (like Strawberry Smoothie, Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino, ant the Passion Tango Tea) but it hasn't been until recently that the title of pink drink been given. When I went to order the drink, I asked for a venti pink drink and the cashier just started rattling off all their pink drinks. So while this isn't a popular drink in my neighborhood, I have read that many baristas know exactly what you want when you ask for the pink drink.
 What is the drink exactly? The Starbucks pink drink is a Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk instead of water, topped with freeze-dried strawberries (and/or blackberries).  It's lightly caffeinated and much lighter compared to frappuccinos. This venti sized is only about 200 calories! (tall is at 100 cals, grande at 150 cals) Because it is made with coconut milk, the #pinkdrink is also vegan friendly.
What does it taste like? To me it is very reminiscence for Calpico. Calpico is a Japanese uncarbonated soft cultured milk drink. Which doesn't sound very good, but think of it more like a yogurt drink. It's like a light strawberry/raspberry milk. I think this is a hit! Comment below if you have tried it!

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