Stella May I ask if it's summer yet? What is the Strawberry Moon?

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It's officially the first day of summer! That also means it is summer solstice. Summer solstice happens when the sun has reached its highest point as viewed from the north pole. (It would be the lowest point as viewed from the south pole and the polar opposite for winter solstice.) That also means it's the longest day (most sunlight) of the year. 
Summer solstices aren't rare as they happen every year and full moons happen more often than that! 
What makes this year's summer solstice rare is that they happen on the same day! It's rare for the summer solstice to also be a full moon day. 
So what is a Strawberry Moon? Strawberry moon is the full moon that happens in the month of June. It's just like any other full moon. It's called Strawberry Moon because it marks the beginning of strawberry season. Other names for full moon in June are called: Honey Moon, Mead Moon, and Rose Moon. 
So go out and enjoy the day! By the way it's also National Ice Cream Soda Day and Vanilla Milk Shake Day!

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