Stella, May I know about your favorite things last month?

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Of course you may! Here are some of my favorite things last month. Above is Lush's Outback Mate soap. Doesn't it just look so pretty? It also has a very oceanic fragrance that is unlike what you would associate with ocean smells. It is fresher and not as sickly. I think is it the added infusion of eucalyptus and peppermint that sets it apart. Whatever it is, this soap has made the bathroom smell incredible. Now my problem is finding something to set it on.. a soap dish maybe? 
 This past weekend was the very first time me and the Mister played mini golf. Now that might not be as astounding to you as it is to me, but I think it was long over due. Miniature golf is typically a first date activity, but seeing as how me and Mister just celebrated our six year anniversary, you can see how it was long overdue. We went to a pirates themed one and it was actually a lot of fun! We will probably go back soon, just not in 90 degree weather.
 Last month I mentioned we worked on a puzzle, this month we learned how to play cribbage! I think we are slowly acquiring more board games and that's a little disturbing to me. It's like in Gilmore Girls when they were watering the neighbor's plants and found a cabinet full of games. I don't want to be like that. Nonetheless, we have really been enjoying playing cribbage. It's basically a card game and the wooden board you see above is just used to keep score. The object of the game is to reach 121 points first and you play different hands worth different points to reach that. If you haven't tried cribbage, I would say don't give up on it. It took us awhile to familiarize ourselves with the different hands and counting points, but it was pretty fun once we finished a game. Muggins!
Lastly are these Wild Boreal Blueberries! (I don't know if I will always be featuring berries in every monthly favorites, but so far it looks like it!) These blueberries are smaller than the traditional ones and are said to be wild. Because of the properties in the region they are grown in, Boreal, Canada, they don't have to use pesticides. I just like that they are so cute and don't taste as watery when frozen. I got these at Trader Joe's. I like to sprinkle them into my kefir or in banana bread! Look for the banana bread post next Tutorial Tuesday!

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