Stella May I know what lippies you keep in your purse this summer?

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Of course you may. I fall into the category of those that carry way too many lip products in my purse. I was looking through my purse today and I counted 6! Then I looked at each one and decided that every single one was a necessity and they will all be staying in my purse. For today's At First Blush post I wanted to share with you what (&why) lippies I keep in my purse. (Can you spot Oswald's curly tail?)
 Top-down: lip liner, lip balm, plumping lip gloss, sparkling lip gloss. These first four are ones that are in my purse all year round.
 Surprisingly, I only had one lip balm in my purse. considering this is the product I have most of. This is the Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm. Although it's a soft pink color, the balm reacts to your ph level and changes to a pink color. It's a very light wash of pink. What I like most is the SPF 10. You've got to protect your lips! That's the one thing I always need when we go road tripping. For some reason it's my lips that get burned and then I spend the rest of my trip trying to heal it. Oh and it has a rosy scent! (The scent doesn't linger for long though.)
 Next I have a plumping lip gloss. I'm not trying to achieve massive lips, but it's nice to smooth out the lines. Especially when I haven't been drinking enough water, my lips start having deeper lines. This is the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Turbo Power Supreme Plumping Lip Gloss. It's definitely one of the more intense plumping glosses as it stings a little applying it, but the sting goes away after a few minutes and the plumpness lasts for a few hours on me. This one also has a very strong red bull scent. So strong,that Mister always knows when I whip it out. There's a subtle shimmering sparkle running through it. You can't feel it and you can barely see it.
 This is the Dior Addict Gloss in 343 Spring Ball. It's a very everyday, anytime color. It's a soft pink color with fine gold shimmer. It's actually very hydrating and just slightly plumping. This one has a brush tip, while the Too Faced one above had a sponge paddle tip. I also really like that it matches the lip balm.
And then when I feel like I need a little more definition, then I use this tarte tarteist lip liner in latergram. It's the one I got in my Play by Sephora box and it's still going. I don't use this very often, but it's so small and such a good nude color, I don't mind carrying it with me. It's a deeper rosy mauve color that is just a tad darker than my natural lip color. The nib on this is very tiny though, so I like to line my lips then blend in the color with my finger. 
Since we are in the middle of summer, I like to add a little bit more color. Both of these products are from Revlon. On the left is the Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Atomic Pink and the right is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart. Revlon's lip gloss formula is only of my favorites. It's not stick and it's also pretty hydrating. The color is very sheer and it's more like a light wash of color with a lot of shine. The balm stain was one my favorite releases a few years ago. So much so I have nearly all the colors! It is what it says, it's a balmy feeling with the staying power of a stain. It's one that I like to wear to add a little hot pink color to my lips and something I like to swipe on especially when I know we are going out to eat. It always bugged me that lipsticks come off so easily when you eat. 
L-R: Dior lip balm, Too Faced plumping lip gloss, Dior pink lip gloss, tarte lip liner, Revlon balm stain, Revlon hot pink lip gloss
As you can see everything is sheer. If I am on the go, I am not going to go full on with very pigmented lips. More than likely, I will be applying these on the car, so something that I can swipe on very easily and is very forgiving on the lips. How many lip products do you keep with you in your purse?

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