Stella May I know how you control your shine?

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Well of course you may! This was a little something I picked up at Sephora recently. I have quite the oily skin so I am always on the lookout for something to control that. I don't mind a little shine, I know that matte skin is just not achievable for me, so I have embraced the little shine. Most days though, especially with the humidity here in the south, I will just look like a grease ball.
I first spotted this online and it was out of stock. Doesn't that just make you want it more? That's what happens to me anyways. This is the Dinoplatz smart blotting paper. What made me impressed with this first is the encased mirror. It's a good sized, not-warped mirror too! Most blotting sheets come in a paper envelope, and they almost always end up getting smushed in my purse.
Then it was the sponge that intrigued me. I thought it was like the beautyblender blotterazzi, which did nothing for my oil. But instead of the sponge absorbing the oil, it is actually used to pick up the sheets.
 And it picks up just one sheet!
There's a little adhesive strip on the puff that picks up the sheets. It's also kind of like a post it, in that if it loses it's stickiness (which is inevitable since you are putting oil onto it) you can just peel it off and there's a fresh one! There are 5 extra adhesive strips included.
All this is enclosed in a pretty sturdy plastic container. All in all I am pretty impressed with the little thing. I haven't even mentioned the cute little dinosaurs roaming the city on the front!
Last week's beauty post I shared the Sun Safety Kit, but since I had two Play Pass cards (from the monthly subscription) I picked up two items. You can't use the cards in the same transaction, so I just picked this up at the doom aisle. And I'm pretty happy with it too!

I hope you are enjoying my weekly beauty posts! I have been using the tag for a little while now, so maybe some of you might have noticed it. Without further ado, I will be posting At First Blush Wednesday posts weekly now! #AFBxSMI

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