Stella May I know why the hedgehog crossed the road?

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Yesterday, Mister spent the better part of the day with Popcorn outside. We set him loose in the front yard and watched him (very closely) explore the newness. The last time we did that was when I made him the flower crown, which was months ago. Now it's summer and I'm sure he enjoyed the warmer weather. He was frolicking on the side walk and the grass. He became a lot more active. We keep the air on all day in the home, so he's not getting the full effect of summer. (& we also tried this with Oswald, I think he likes the cooler air. He sleeps pretty much in front of it all night.)

We don't set him loose in the home as there is a lot of furniture and refrigerators to crawl under, but I think we will be taking him out more. Currently we just carry him in a pouch and let him freely run whenever we see a spot open, but I was thinking is there some sort of hedgehog harness out there? How would that even work? The best idea I've come up with is to just set a little border to make a play pen. (&yes this is during our Pokémon hunts) What do you think?

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