Stella May I ask, do you Pokemon?

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Guilty. So me and Mister spent the better part of Sunday catching Pokemon. Normally we are home bodies and much prefer to stay home (especially in this 90 degree heat), but yesterday, we left the house four times to catch Pokemon. Yes, four times. 
At first we were trying to decide where to start since we were walking all around our tiny place and found nothing. So we went Piedmont Park, here in Atlanta. That was a pretty good place to start.
There were so many people at the park and the funniest thing was that nearly everyone had there phones attached to there hand, playing Pokemon Go. There were different spots all around where people were congregating and sharing stories. That's something I really like about this game: it really gets you out of the house and socialize with people.
So that was the first time we went out, then while at home Mister had the app opened and there was a Jigglypuff nearby and he was determined to catch it.
Here comes the ridiculous part: we went out and started driving around until we found it. We were driving so slow everywhere.  We didn't end up finding it but Mister was satisfied with a Squirtle catch and so we came home. We did this three times last night, all for different Pokemons. The last one was at one in the morning.
I had downloaded the game last week, but Mister was slow to catch on. It wasn't until he found out that this version featured the original set of Pokemon we grew up with that he then started to play the game. Even though I had downloaded it, I wasn't able to play it until a few days later (apparently they had server issues?)

Have you played the game? #goteamblue

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