Stella May I know your favorite things last month? July 2016 Monthly Favorites

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Of course you may. This month has no doubt been consumed by Pokémon, but just this week we started to get back to our normal schedule and back to board games. Like Carcassonne above. Can you see the little heart? I introduced this game earlier this month, but then we stopped playing for a few weeks for.. Pokémon.
But since I am opening my little Pokémon app everyday, Pokemon is no doubt a monthly favorite! I mean just look at the number of posts I had! Here they are all linked below:
Tutorial Tuesday: Pokémon Go Pack
Pokémon Go Basics
Pokémon Go a little introduction
And I recently got to claiming 10 gyms! That's the max number you can claim to collect your Pokécoins. Each gym you claim gives you 10 Pokécoins. Me and Mister have spent most nights trying to reach this goal. Planning out our route, battling other Pokémon, and selecting the right defensive Pokémon. Let me know if you want yet another Pokémon post about our routine. (btw how are you liking the new update? I still don't know about it..)
In other monthly favorites, Oswald has found another cute spot. Despite how tiny our little place is, Oswald seems to always find new little spots to hang out. This is his little chin just casually perched on Mister's pillow. He is staring directly out the window here. I really like how perfect this pillow is for him.
Another monthly favorite? Blueberry Muffins. I was never a fan of it, but after getting blueberries on sale I tried to make blueberry muffins. And I think I found a perfect recipe! This one isn't too cake like, and not too crumbly. Look out for this post a little later this month.
Gigantic Chocolate Chip Pancakes at Homegrown. These are seriously gigantic. I was stuffed after just one, and each order has three! These Chocolate Chip Pancakes are served with maple syrup, whipped cream and homefries.
Lastly I got to play with some sparklers! This is from July 4th, but my 100th post was definitely the highlight this month. Thanks for reading SMI!

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