Stella May I know how your Parachute sheets held up?

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Of course you may. It's been about 5 months of using these Parachute sheets daily. I got these sheets back in February of this year and for today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday post I will be updating how they have held up.
I got the Venice Set. The set includes: a duvet cover, a fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. The left pillow is mine and the right pillow is Mister's. Why does his fit so nicely?
Mister has a longer memory foam pillow that fits the envelope style pillow case better. Unlike the sleeve style pillow case, these pillowcases have a slit in the back. My pillow (also memory foam) is fuller, but doesn't fill it as much since it's much shorter. With the sleeve style, I could just fold back the excess fabric, but with the envelope style pillowcase, the pillow is never exposed.
Mister's pillow 
The duvet cover has little rubber buttons to enclose the duvet. It also has an extra flap to cover it. So like the pillow case, you don't see the inside. (This just makes things so much prettier in the morning, especially when you sleep with a active partner.)
In addition to the buttons, there are these ties on each of the corners. I didn't know about this until the third wash, and I haven't noticed that the duvet would slide much. But since finding it, I have been using it.
My duvet doesn't have holes to tie the duvet down, but I still use it. I just tie the corners into the ties, like so. These are cotton ties, so they don't slip out.
The problem with this tie method is the corners of the duvet get tucked in. It almost looks like a little rose bud. I'm actually liking this look since all the corners look distinctive and all the same.
My favorite thing about the fitted sheet is how deep it is. It's 18" long and it's the only fitted sheet we have that doesn't slide up. (Don't mind the lumpiness, that's our mattress not the sheets.)
First things first, as you can tell, we decided to keep the sheets. Looking at the sheets, it would seem like we got the percale instead of the sateen. In the swatches and before I washed it, the sateen sheets had a beautiful sheen that seem to have disappeared. No matter how early I take out the sheets from the dryer (even when it was still very damp) the smoothness that created the sheen.
Left is the sateen and the right swatch is the percale.
Here's the little tag. I like to use the tag to put the sheets on. Since there is only one tag on the fitted sheet, it always goes on one corner. That way I don't have to lay it all out and make sure I have the right corners.

Overall thoughts: So far the sheets have been what I expected. I have washed it about every 2 weeks and they have looked the same each time I make the bed. The color isn't faded and the texture/thickness of the sheets are the same. The sateen sheets are warmer than our previous sheets. What I mean is that it keeps the heat longer and was probably the wrong choice for the summer. But without the flat sheet, it's so easy to slide the cover off without messing up the bed sheets. The percale would be cooler in the sense that it doesn't hold the heat as much. I would repurchase from Parachute again and proably try their percale ones.

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