Stella May I know about the face primer you are using?

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Of course you may. This is the Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm. It has been my go to moisturizer/primer for the summer. I know I'm not the first to rave about this men's skincare product, but I wanted to add my two little cents in. For today's At First Blush post I am sharing how I use the Nivea Men Sensative Post Shave Balm and how it has worked for me.
 First off, this product is only five dollars! You can find it near the men's shaving section at Target. It's 3.3 fluid ounces and comes in a sturdy milk glass bottle. That's a lot of product and it comes in a nice bottle.
The product itself is very serum like. I just pour a little out and massage it all over my face. What you see above is about how much I use on each application. You can see that this will last me quite a long time. (That is if I was using this all by myself, but Mister also uses this as, you would guess, the name intended.)
 I keep massaging it into my skin until it becomes a little tacky. Then I start smoothing it. That sounds a little weird but what I am trying to do is smooth the little hairs on my skin so it lays flat. That way my skin appears smoother.
 As I am smoothing the product down, the balm dries down to a matte finish. (I say balm, but it never truly feels like a balm. It goes from serum to primer to almost powder finish.) This product also controls my oil production while keeping my skin hydrated.
This has been my moisturizer this summer. It's light enough so I don't feel clogged, but moisturizing enough that I don't feel dry. (If I don't put any moisturizer on then my skin starts tightening and uncomfortable.) Every morning I wash my face, then tone, eye cream, post shave balm, and then sun protection. But besides moisturizing my face, the Nivea balm creates a smooth surface for makeup application.
The Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm is definitely something I suggest picking up next time you roam through the men's shaving aisle.. While using the product you can tell it's made for men since it a very fresh, piney scent that all men products have. The scent doesn't linger though! It disappears after a few minutes. It's not the prettiest product, but it is substantial and gets the job done. Let me know if you try this one out! Do you use it as a moisturizer too?

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