Stella May I know your go to summer palette these days?

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Of course you may. I got this eye shadow palette a few years ago and I'm just breaking it out now. Do you do that? I seem to like to keep things and store it for awhile then just one day dust it off and start using it. Don't get me wrong, there are certain products that I can't wait to use it and I break it out in the car. That's not what I'm talking about today. It's the products that I like to get and it might be too pretty to use or in the wrong season or something else comes along and then the products get pushed aside and forgotten. For today's At First Blush post, I want to ask you, what is your pushed-aside product that has recently come to see the light?
For me it's this Sephora + Pantone Universe Full Spectra eye shadow palette, in Daybreak. It's an eight pan daytime shades that might not look all that special. There are 6 shimmers and 2 mattes shadows. The shadows are paired, which look pretty and might look nice as a little duo, but I just use the shades in whatever way.
Left side of the palette 
Right side
Shade names written on the back. Which I realized day-to-day I don't look at, but they are such pretty names! It almost makes me want to use particular shade just because of the name. (I realize I also do this with nail polish.)
L-R: Navajo, Dew, Jet Stream, Fairest Jade. Navajo is the prettiest duo chrome shades of mint and tan with a silver shimmer, but it's very sheer. It's probably the most disappointing shade of the entire palette. It's also a shade I don't plan to use all over my eyelid, so that kind of redeems Navajo a little. I like to use it more like a highlighting shade or with a wet brush in the center of the lid.
All of the shade swatched are very heavily swatched, at least 3 swipes. In this picture you can really see the shimmer.
L-R: Shrimp, Atmosphere, Cloud Pink, Peach Melba. The bottom four shade are a little less that half the size of the top shades and are a little darker in color. My favorite color of the entire palette is Cloud Pink. It's not what I would think of if I were to think of a color for Cloud Pink. I would thought more cotton candy pink, but this is more like sunset pink. It's an orangey pink with a gold shimmer that I like to use to warm up my eye look. Compared to Shrimp, Cloud Pink is more orangey, a tad darker and more shimmery.

Here comes the annoying part of this post, it's not available anymore. As you would expect as I hoarded it for years.. Let me know you favorite discontinued product! I'm talking about the old, but still new ones.

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