Stella, May I know what you do with leftover chives?

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This is a chive scramble! I've added some leftover tofu, but I think it would be just as delicious without it. The chive adds an onion-y flavor and it just looks so pretty.
 What you'll need: butter, salt and pepper, chives (finely chopped), eggs.
*Keeps curious cats away from onions and garlickly ingredients, it's poisonous to them!
 Melt a generous pat of butter in a nonstick pan over a medium low heat.
 While the pan is heating, crack two eggs.
 Whip them up with a whisk! This isn't to the fluffiness of my souffle omelet. Just whisk for a few seconds until it's one color.
 Mix in the chives.
 Pour into pan. Make sure to use a spatula and really scrap all of the chives in.
 Add your extra ingredients, (This is previously browned up tofu). Salt and pepper.
Slowly push around the egg with a spatula and cook until desired doneness. The more you move it, the smaller the scramble.
Serve on some toast!

This would make a great little snack or a quick breakfast. Enjoy!

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