Stella May I know how you make spam musubi?

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Of course you may. Spam Musubi is a meaty snack that I used to get all the time. (There was Dollar Musubi deal every Tuesday.) These days there isn't an L&L close to me, so I have decided to make it at home. The concept it simple. Lay a slice of browned up Spam over fresh rice and wrap it in seaweed. Well I didn't have seaweed and I don't have this handy musubi mold. For today's Tutorial Tuesday post, I will be showing you how I made Spam Musubi (with a mold and seaweed).
First off I know there are so many other flavors out there, but this 25% less sodium one was the only one on sale at Costco and that's what I will be working with. (today and for like a few months.)
The aroma coming out of a freshly opened can of Spam is so strong! Oswald came over for a whiff but moved on to the blankets soon after this picture.
Back to the Musubi making. As I worked on the Spam, Mister worked on making a mold with the Spam can. He first used the piercer function of the multi-purpose scissors and pierced a hole.
Then he used a can opened and just opened the can on this side.
It doesn't cut open ever crevice but most of the "bottom" is almost released.
So Mister just grabbed some scissors and cut that open.
Ta-da! The mold is born. This is clearly not a very safe option to making the mold, but it's all we have.
 Back to the food part. Slice up the Spam. I like about 8-10 slices with each can. If you like it with more meat then make less slices!
 Then into an ungreased pan, brown and crisp up the Spam slices. On both slices.
Then after the Spam browns, sprinkle on a light layer of sugar.
Then just a splash of soy sauce. (Not too much as Spam is already very salty. Even the less sodium kind.)
And a splash of water. Just until it's covered. (No precise measurements here, as pan sizes and how thick you have sliced the Spam varies.)
Then back to the mold. The only little con is with our make shift mold is you can't really tell how much rice you have squished down. You want to pack the rice so the whole musubi will hold together when you hold it. (if you do decide to also cut open the bottom of the Spam then please be careful with the raw edge of the can.)
You wan to have the rice ready so when the spam is all ready, you can quickly place it on top of the rice so the rice can soak up all that flavor. After you placed the spam on top, the spam acts like a weight to hold down the rice. If you had the seaweed you would place that underneath the mold and rice, then after you pull off the mold you can just wrap up the musubi and eat!
So how did I wrap it? Since I have a ton of rice paper leftover, I used the rice paper to wrap the whole  musubi package. It's a little weird to have rice on rice, but it worked out pretty well to hold every thing together. (We did get the seaweed when we picked up that seaweed snack I raved about earlier this week.)

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