Stella May I know if you will gaze at the Supermoon tonight?

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Well I will certainly try to. Tonight the moon will be closer to Earth than it has for the last 69 years. The perigree, or the gap between the moon and Earth will only be 221,525 miles. Normally the distance is 222,000 and 252,000 miles, you know quite a bit closer! So the moon will be appearing bigger and brighter than normal. Also because tonight's super moon will be "low hanging," there will be objects in the foreground (chimneys and rooftops) to compare the moon to, thus making the moon to appear even bigger.  It'll look the biggest right when the moon rises.
Supermoons are super common though. Since the moon orbits around Earth elliptically, there are six this year, so if you miss out on the one tonight look for the next Supermoon on December 14. What makes tonight's Supermoon special is that the gap between the two is the shortest.

I've talked a lot about special moon sightings this year and you may wonder how can so many of them be so special? Well let me sum it all up for you. The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox (annually in September.) The Strawberry Moon is when a full moon occurs on the same day as summer solstice. The Blood Moon is when there is an eclipse with a supermoon, thus having Earth casting a reddish glow to the moon. (next Blood Moon is in 2033)

Are you gazing at the moon tonight? Us here in Atlanta have a forecast of haze and smoke, so my chances of looking at the moon aren't great. Do you also unfortunately have a hazy, smoky day?

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