Stella May I know what puzzle project you are working on?

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Of course you may. Earlier this year, me and Mister embarked on this board game journey with the simple jigsaw puzzle. Now that we have a good handful of board games, we are starting to go back to the simpler times and work on puzzles.
 The puzzle here is actually one of the first Christmas presents from Mister. Some of the pieces came off the edges so we are fixing it here. It's a 1000 piece Ravensburger Puzzle. Which we have come to really favor above other brands.
But after discovering Barnes and Noble's clearance section, we have two more puzzles that we can't wait to get started on. The thing is, we have Oswald the Cat and he also like puzzles. So I have been searching for puzzle storage solutions the past few days. The Disney puzzle above was going to be finished, but what happens when I open a new one? There are some options available with inflatable tubes and felt rolling, but I got to thinking, why not make our own? The materials needed should be super cheap, I just have to find a method. Come back next week to see our solution!

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