Stella May I know what would be the perfect gift for a beauty lover?

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Of course you may. Today's At First Beauty Post is all about beauty advent calendars. These advent calendars have really been popular these past few years with every coming year featuring more and more options. I picked out a few of my favorites (I'm sure there are more as we get more into the holiday season). I imagine these best as gifts so the pictures I have included have all the products already displayed. I know that ruins the surprise each day, but I would rather know that I am getting products that I would actually want. & I don't reveal which product you will be getting on each day, so you can look forward to that little surprise (although you will know what you will be getting on the last day.) 
For a fellow lushie: Lush's 12 Days of Christmas $99.95 
Included are all of the classic Lush Christmas bath and body goodies, from bath bombs to soaps to lotions. These are the Lush products that always comes back every Christmas, so you know they are popular. 
For the one who can never have enough nail polishes: Ciaté London’s Mini Mani Month $53.10 (currently on sale)
Inside there are 22 mini nail polish bottles and one full sized one.
For the one who has wanted to try other Target exclusive skin/body/hair care products: Target's 12 Days of Beauty Fave Advent Calendar $24.99 (free shipping)
Con: there are only 12 products and most of them are travel sized. Pro: the variety! skin care (my favorite toner from Pixi), hand cream, Nyx's ever populat soft matte lip cream, nail polish (full size), bath bomb, lip balm and even a face mask.
For the high end beauty lover: Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar $69.00 (plus shipping to US)
Included are 24 beauty minis (hair, skin, makeu up) Some of the products I have already received in my Sephora monthly subscription boxes and most of the products you can find in Sephora stores here. There are some UK brands that we can't get our hands on here though: Smith & Cult Lipgloss STARSKIN Bio Cellulose Eye Catcher, Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm 10ml, This Works Deep Pillow Spray, Lord & Berry Lip Crayon.

There are so many out there. Chances are your favorite store has a version out there. If now how amazing would it be to just DIY your own version? It would be so much of a discount, but the calendar would be totally customized! Just pick out 12 or 24 or 25 products and stick them in little envelopes or boxes. Number them and you are done! Have you gotten your advent calendars yet?

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