Stella May I know what retro activity you have been giving a go?

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Of course you may. It's Spirograph! I remember having a small party favor set that I cherished so much. (It was also a flat edge, so it was my go-to ruler) This set is actually not mine, but Mister's. & if you can't tell it's the same one he had has a kid. Mine is probably somewhere in storage alongside my colored pencils that I would use with it.

Have you seen the resurgence of children activities made of adults lately? The obvious coloring books, sticker books (how obsessed are we with that voting sticker?) and now spirographing. (Spirographing isn't an actual word, but it will be in my Fiddle-Faddle Friday posts!) I used to just use one color with one wheel and that's that. Now the pictures I have seen with the use of multiple colors and wheels (on different starting points too!) has made me think about how creative I use to be.
 Mister actually brought back the whole, clunky box back here. Why Mister didn't just take the parts out is beyond me.
Inside you can find a tray with a place for every wheel and a how to guide.
Well the top of the box does have all these references for what the wheel and points make.
 This is me trying to attempt the box pictures. Take notice of the choice of pen.
 So far so good right? Although I do think my hand placement is all wrong and I found out later that there are little holders in the box to help stabilize the whole thing. See the little holes on the ring? You can actually use that to pin down the ring to the paper (or whatever medium).
But look at how not nice they turned out! And the choice of pen just made it worse. I don't suggest using a smudgy pen like the Pilot G-2s, stick to coloring pencils or quick drying pens. (Probably not gel inks.)

I noticed that Spirograph drawings are popping up in my feed and it just got me super nostalgic. Have you taken notice to the resurgence of these geometric drawings? I hope you liked today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday post all about my second introduction of Spirograph. I will keep trying to get better and more interesting designs to look at. (I spotted a brand new, updated set at Michael's the other day--of course in the children's activity section. But unless I actually take to making these geographic drawings then I will probably stick to Mister's set and plus, it's not really that updated.) With my recent sticker book and not-yet creatively Spirographing, I think I am really channeling my younger self these days.

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