Stella May I know the other book you have been loving this week?

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 Of course you may. I never really got on to the coloring book craze. I mean I have one that my mom very kindly gifted me, but for some reason I never had the courage to actually color it. I know it's silly, but I think I might choose the wrong color or medium and then just ruin the whole thing. Then I came across this sticker book. Today's Fiddle-Faddle Friday is all about how I actually colored in this Paint by Stickers book.
 Inside you will find the outlined images for the first half of the book.
 Then sticker pages on the second half.
 On each picture, there are numbers to correspond with the numbers on the sticker page. (pretty straight forward.)
 These pages are also perforated so you don't have to keep flipping and so you can display them!
 This is the Kids Zoo version, but there is also an adult version that similar with two more pictures.
 These are some tips and I found #5 pretty comical.
That is until I actually placed a sticker (see I couldn't wait to try this!) and I realized how much more precise tweezers would make it. There something about stickers that just make this so satisfying to do. Have you tried out coloring sticker books? As far as I know these Paint by stickers book is the only one out there. Let me know if you know any more!

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