Stella May I know how was your corn maze this year?

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 Of course you may. This year Me and Mister went to the Warbington Farm's Corn Maze. Here in Atlanta, we have a few to pick from if you are willing to travel outside the city a bit. The farm not only has the corn maze but also a petting zoo, hay ride, corn crib, and a jumping pillow. The last two of those I have never heard of but it is as it sounds. A big crib full of corn and a giant pillow that you jump on! I hopped into the crib not really expecting much but it's a surreal feeling surrounding yourself in so much corn kernels. The jumping pillow is like the bottom of a jumpy house but really, really big. What surprised me the most was actually seeing cows on the hay ride. On the one other hay ride I have been on, I was pulled by a tractor around the farm, but at Warbington, me and Mister was led through the farm and then stopped to watch their cows eat right up to us!
 This week it turned from hot and unbearably humid to cool and crisp. It's really feels like fall and I have a whole week of autumn themed posts this week!
links: Warbington Farms

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