Stella May I know how you make BBQ pork ribs at home?

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Of course you may. It's kind of daunting when I first though about making ribs at home. The very first time I ever made ribs was back in Cali and I had a proper oven (we use a toaster oven here) and I was roasting beef ribs for hours! It was on a low heat and the ribs made the whole house smell of BBQ. When we spotted these pork ribs at the market I got to thinking: What if I made them in our sous vide machine? &that's what I have did. This is our first and very certainly not our last go at making ribs at home. For today's Tutorial Tuesday I am showing how we make BBQ ribs at home! (yes, there will be that smokiness!)
First off the ribs. This is a full rack of pork ribs. I mean if you are going to attempt this why not make a whole rack! I think next time we might make two and freeze half. Did you know ribs are super inexpensive? This rack here was only $6. First off is to remove the silver skin. (I already removed it, but my tip is to use a paper towel.)
I know it would make a pretty presentation to have the whole rack cooked, but that's just not practical and it cooks the same in the end. So cut them in half (or 3-4 ribs) so that they fit in a standard quart size zip bag. If you really wanted to cook the whole rack at once then use a 2 gallon sized freezer bag and make sure it'll fit in your oven!
Season! Make your favorite dry rub and season your ribs. I use my hands and really massage the rub into all the crevices. Then I put each rib rack into a freezer bag and using the water displacement method, vacuum seal the bag. Let the rub marinate into the rib for at least 24 hours. This is by no means a short cut, fast way of making ribs at home, but it is simple. Just a little planning and maybe even having the ribs cooked days beforehand can make a BBQ dinner come together really fast.
After 24 hours your ribs are ready to start cooking. We cooked our ribs at 152°F for 30 hours. Yes that is a very long time. Again this is not a short cut BBQ ribs recipe. So what makes this different than just sticking the ribs in the oven? Well using the sous vide method ensures that your meat comes out at the perfect texture/temperature/flavor and it's a smaller appliance than an oven.
After the long cook time, this is what the ribs look like. I know it's not very appetizing. It always reminds me of that frozen dinners actually look like inside the box. But we aren't done! We are going to finish the ribs in the oven. (What! Yes we are still using the oven.) Then is when you decide if you like the dry or wet finish on your ribs.
We chose wet. Look at that thick coat of BBQ sauce!
Yes we also made our own BBQ sauce. I would say this method of cooking works best with a ketchup based sauce, as it's thicker and able to stick on the ribs.
After baking on two layers of sauce, it's time to eat! This is Serious Eat's Kenji's recipe so I will direct you there. I would definitely suggest giving it a read as it's full of information!

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