Stella May I know why foundation brushes are the best used to apply face masks?

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Of course you may. Today's At First Blush post is all about those brushes you get in sets that you just don't have a use for.
For years these brushes sat in my drawer unused. These two are from the core set by Real Techniques. I originally got the set for the buffing brush. (Side note the buffing brush was my first foray into using a brush for foundation! &it's still really good for that, but I am using the beautyblender sponge these days. You can probably spot it in the first picture.) The company has since switched up the contour brush for the essential foundation brush. The essential foundation brush is the bigger brush pictured on the top and the one underneath is the pointed foundation brush which is still included in the set. (New set here)
Both of these brushes are a flat paddle design and they are perfect for applying face masks! I was cleaning out my makeup recently. (You can see all most of it in my makeup collection drawer post here.) I like to wet the brush before I go in with the mask. That way the product doesn't stick on the brush too much and instead goes onto your face. I really like how the face the brush can apply the mask to my entire face and reach the contours of my face easily. I mostly use mud masks, so it can be a little stiff.
Comment below if you have ever tried this trick!

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