Stella May I know what your favorite lip gloss?

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 Of course you may! In a world of matte lips, I still love a glossy, wet finish lip. I know I may be the only one but I am here to convince you with this Lancome Gloss in Love lip gloss. Today's At First Blush is all about this one Lancome Lip Gloss and how it became my favorite.
 First of all, the Gloss in Love is a click open gloss. All you go is press on the little square button in front and the top pops open. I can't tell you how satisfying this is to play with. You click it open, then pop on the top to close. Both times you get a really satisfying "click" sound. Also I really like there are no screw lines. It really makes it look sleek. (Don't close it too quickly though! If you do the pressure builds up inside the tube and may cause the gloss to pop back open after you put it away.)
Next, just look at that wand. It is a doe foot applicator, just like other glosses, but this one has this unique scoop shape. It fits so nicely with the curve of your lips. It also prevents you from taking out a lot of product at once. For me, this is a pop open, apply, and close. There is no need to re-dip. Also the tip is finer than others making it so I can be more precise with the placement of the gloss.
 On the top of the gloss is the signature Lancome rose embossed on.
This color is 302 Rose Oscar. The formula is not sticky and feel really comfortable on. The gloss provides some moisture and wears for a couple of hours.  But I am always eager to click and apply more! Are there any glosses out there you are loving?
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