Stella May I know what's on your reading list?

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 Of course you may. & like almost everywhere I look everyone is reading the newest Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. But before I start on that I thought I should probably read the first seven. I actually did read the books as they came out but when the fourth book came out and it was so much longer than the rest, I stopped reading them. (8 books for my Autumn Bucket List!)
 This super battered copy of Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone is actually not mine. It's from my local library. & not just any local library. I am talking about the one just steps from our place.
This is it! It's the Little Free Library. There are only 20 or so books inside and it's housed like a little library building. I didn't know these existed! Me and Mister discovered it during one of our walks and it turns out they are all over our neighborhood. Now they don't have the second HP book, but I plan on just downloading the epublication and reading that off my iPad. Have you read the new Harry Potter book yet? What do you think? I have already returned the first book and am onto the second one. At this rate I think I should be reading the Cursed Child next week!

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