Stella May I know how you like King of Tokyo?

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Of course you may. As you know from Monday's post me and Mister got us some new board games (or tabletop games). For today's post I will be unboxing the King of Tokyo and give you our initial impression of the game. We opened this one first since it's lower on the BGG rankings and it's the shortest game play time.
Opening the box: first thing is the rule book,
Then the very simple board and punch out tokens. This is one of the simplest boards out there. One two spots and the second spot on the board is only used for 5-6 players. I still don't know how I feel about these punch out tokens. It's kinda neat that I get to be the first to use them, but I never get it clean and there is always a little tab left. Which I guess with use the tabs wear down and I wouldn't know the difference.
Even though it has just that one simple board, there are still a lot of other componets to the game. A very big stack of cards, energy cubes, and 8 dice. To note the cards smell a little funky when you first open them.
In this game you are a monster, alien, or robot and you are trying to become the King of Tokyo. These cute little holder is your game piece that holds your place on the board. You can play 2-6 players.
Each player also gets this score board to keep track of your Victory points and health. To become the King of Tokyo, you have to be the first to reach 20 Victory Points (top right with blue stars) or be the last one standing after every one else has lost all their health (bottom right with hearts.) It doesn't really matter which monster/alien/robot you chose since it has no bearings with the rest of the game play, but of course you want to pick out your favorite. (Mine is Baby Gigazaur, which is a Target exclusive character.)
At the start of each turn your roll 6 dice and over 3 dice throws you decide which dice you decide to keep or keep throwing. The 6 sides: 1, 2, 3 Victory Points, heal, energy, and attack. You decide if you want to attack the current monster in Tokyo City or gain Victory Points. You are either in the city (on the board) or outside of the city. Then who ever is inside the city attacks those outside and vice versa. This part of the game doesn't really matter for the two person version as one of you is always outside and one of you is always inside. For every turn that you are in the city you get two Victory Points, but you can't heal yourself. So you gamble whether you can get 20 Victory Points first or just attack your opponent 10 times to become King of Tokyo.
The energy you roll gets your energy cubes and you can spend them on special cards that give you temporary or permanent powers. Like growing an extra head for an extra dice when you roll or spending energy for Victory or healing points.
Overall I think this game is probably better with more people, but me and Mister still really enjoy playing this game. It's very fast game play and it doesn't require a lot of set of time. We only go through an average of 5 cards a game, but it's easy to just take out some cards, the dice, and your markers to start the game. Most of all I really like throwing dice. That luck element makes the game exciting!

As I am slowly realizing that I am becoming a board game geek, I was thinking about making it a permanent weekly feature to Stella May I. Me and Mister are very likely going to pull out a game every week (more than a few times a week if we are honest) so there will no doubt be a lot for me to say about board games. Every Thursday? Any suggestions for titles?

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