Stella May I know what new board games you have?

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Of course you may, Me and Mister are still on the board game obsession train. & We recently added to our collection! Here's what we got:
This is 7 Wonders Duel. Most of the time we play with just the two of us. We came across this game (in my hours of researching the board game forums, I'm telling you, I am obsessed!) and this one is so highly rated. It's the two person version of the original 7 Wonders game. We don't have and haven't played that one but I insisted that we get the Duel version first anyways. Why? Because we are more likely to play two person that any other number. And while the original 7 Wonders can play 2-7 people, this version is made for 2 and rates even higher than the original! We got this game from Barnes and Noble. (Really good game selection there!)
Rivals for Catan Deluxe. This is again the two person version of an already popular game, Catan. I remember when it used to be called: Settler's of Catan, now it's called Catan. We got Rivals for Catan Deluxe since it was on sale at Target! This deluxe version comes with some extra promo cards that were exclusive to the board game conventions (can you just see my geekiness coming through?). It's not rated as well as the other two games me and Mister got, but since Mister just played the original Catan and really liked it, we thought why not pick it up while it's on sale.
The last game we got is the King of Tokyo. This particular version you see above is exclusive to Target. The gamemakers switched out one of the characters with the cute pink Baby Gigazaur you see on the top middle of the box. So Baby Gigazaur is an exclusive character to Target. King of Tokyo is the only game that is not limited to two persons. It's also a very quick, dice game. So far we don't have a board game where we can throw dice, and I think there's just something about chucking dice that makes it so satisfying. This game is made by the same maker as Magic! The Gathering, but I don't think it's anything like that trading card game.
Are you getting on the the board game train yet? I think they are really making a comeback and there are so many different types out there! Me and Mister are slowly building our collection and it's almost taking up the shelf. I think we can fit two more, and after that I do a collection/organization post, 
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