Stella May I know how you continue to grow you board game obsession?

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Of course you may! Me and Mister are always trying to find activities together and when we found cribbage on sale earlier this year, we realized very soon that we were playing it all the time.  We are now on to our seventh game (which is taking up a lot of storage! I'm playing around with storage solutions.) and we are playing board games everyday. Today's post is an unboxing of our newest game: Ticket to Ride.
First off this is a fairly large box. It's the largest of the games we have. The box and the board have this linen texture, which feels really nice. The illustrations on the box are kind of old timey and sets the tone for playing in a train travel era. We picked this up at Target during the last sale.
When you open the box it makes this funky vibrating sound, which scares Oswald and it's so cute. You can probably spot him in the background of the pictures of this post. He was sleeping and then became super alert, but then back to his nap. Inside the bock there are is the usual advertisements for other board games, information about their online version of Ticket to Ride (which I suggest trialing before you buy!), and of course the instructions.
Underneath all the papers is the actual board. Look how thick it is. It's folded over 6 times and when you open it up it almost takes up the whole table. (we have a 2'x6' one) The board itself is basically a large map of the US and Canada with tracks connecting major cities . There are other versions too: Europe and a children edition.
Then under the board is all the game pieces.On the one hand I really like the compartments for each piece, but as you can see it is a lot of wasted space.
When I took out all the pieces, it would all fit in a little pouch. There are 5 colors for the plastic trains (so up to 5 people), little wooden circles are scorekeepers, and cards (or tickets). The cards are about half the size of regular playing cards and I find that so much easier to play with since you end up collecting a lot of cards throughout the game. The pouch on the far left are spare trains! 
The picture above is probably the neatest we played. Normally Mister just tosses on the trains near the area, which makes it very messy when we are playing but so much faster. The object of the game is to fill your destination cards and make the longest train. If you don't fill the destination cards the point value would be subtracted from your score at the end of the game. Mister is all about playing strategy games and his strategy seems to always be about blocking my path. So it's a little frustrating, but since he doesn't know what I am actually making a path for it's always a fun time.

What board games do you like? 
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