Stella May I know what cheesy snack you are enjoying lately?

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Of course you may and that tasty, cheesy snack is a baked brie. This was our first time making this snack and we kept it simple. Just honey. For today's Tutorial Tuesday, I'll be showing you how I unwrapped the brie, doused it with honey, and watched it melt.
So first thing: unwrap your slice of brie. (or Camembert or any other soft cheese) and place on top of a parchment lined baking sheet (or glassware or ceramic bowl or anything ovensafe). Also I know this is most traditional done with an entire wheel of cheese but as you will see you can do it with a slice too! That's kind of what put me off from trying this earlier. All the nicer cheeses aren't sold in the tinier smaller wheels. (& Mister isn't a fan of the cheese, but I think I've changed his mind after this go at it.) 
 Then just cover it with honey.
 Since this is only two ingredients going into the entire thing, I try to use the best tasting version of each ingredient as possible. (The more complicated the recipe, the more I will use store brand/generic ingredients.)
Then into a preheated 350°F for 15-20 minutes (30-40 minutes if you are baking the a whole wheel) or really until it started to melt and the honey starts to turn even more golden.
 That little but of honey may look burnt, but it was the tasty and crunchy and one of my favorite bits.
 I think the only reason Mister liked this recipe was because of the Ritz crackers. I know it's a little uncommon to pair the rich brie with such a rich cracker, but the saltiness and crunchiness of the cracker is what Mister really likes about the dish.
 Have you tried baking brie?

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