Stella May I know how you disastrous pasta turned out? (How-not-to make pasta, part two)

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So here we are at part two and how bad did my pasta turnout? Well today's Tutorial Tuesday is all about that and Mister's first time with bolognese. It wouldn't be a TT post without a little tutorial, so as I was hard at work making the pasta, Mister made the sauce.
He used: tomato sauce, salt, mined garlic, milk, mushrooms, one medium onion, one medium carrot, ground beef, bacon.
So as we both had our hands full, there aren't many along-the-way pictures. But here's what we have: After Mister used our new mandolin for the onions and carrots, he cooked them up in a little butter and s&p over high heat (medium heat if you have a gas burner).
Then after the onions become translucent add in the ground beef. (We have a leaner ground here so that's why Mister went ahead with the veggies first. If you are using a fattier ground beef, like 80/20 then brown the beef first then drain out the excess liquid and then cook the veggies.) Then after then beef is browned, he added in chopped bacon. He later regretted this as it didn't add much flavor to the end product. So he advised skipping the bacon step and add in the garlic, tomato sauce and splash of milk. Simmer for 20 minutes and taste for seasonings.
And that's a basic bolognese sauce! (Bolognese is a meat based sauce originating from Bologna.) So how did the pasta turn out? Well the basic instructions for cooking fresh pasta is to cook the pasta in rolling boiling salted water until the pasta has floated. The pasta I made was already floating when I first put them into boiling water (first sign) and even after a couple of minutes cooking it was al dente. Al dente is the like stage you want to achieve whenever you cook pasta. It means to have a bite, or something. Anyways, I just kept cooking it for at least thirty minutes (I stopped counting) and it kept to the same al dente texture.  
By this point me and Mister was starving so I scooped it all, topped it with his bolognese sauce and cheese and dug in. It was this horrible rubbery texture but still edible. I think. Looking back it was probably because we were so hungry that we ate it all. This picture above sums up how Mister fixes any dish he makes for me: he adds a slice of American Cheese. I just can't help the creamy goodness, but even my favorite cheese couldn't save this dish.
All in all this was a failed dish but it looked pretty. So really this is like a test to see who actually reads the content of my posts and who just looks at the pictures. I hope you enjoyed reading about my little failure and look forward to a similar post except I will have succeeded at making my own pasta in the future!

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