Stella May I know how you like the Red Velvet Oreo?

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Of course you may. It's kind of expected now to see Oreo come out with different editions to their classic cookie, but I have always just been partial to the standard boring one. When I spotted these Red Velvet Oreos with Cream Cheese flavored creme middles I couldn't resist and fell into the hype.
I think just the red hue to it makes it a little bit more exciting! It's such a pretty red too. Definitely reminiscent of a red velvet cake.
These come in the classic packaging with 24 cookies inside.
Looking it up online, it seems that this was originally released as limited edition for Valentine's Day. But looking at my little pack there isn't any mention of limited edition so I think these are a permanent stay now. You just have to be quick to snap them up. I got the last one at my store.
To me the cookie tastes really similar to a regular Oreo cookie. It's the cream cheese frosting flavored center that makes the Red Velvet Oreo special. It's almost creamier and fluffier than the regular Oreo creme. Overall I'm a fan. Oh and when you dunk the cookie in milk it turns the milk a soft shade of pastel red.
You've got me all red in the face. 

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