Stella May I know have you tried Trader Joe's newest potato chip?

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 Of course you may. Well first, me and the Mister love snacks. While he is more about the candy life, I like the salty crunchy snacks and the sweet dessert bakes. But when he first heard about these chips on the radio and that we happen to be going to Trader Joe's, Mister just had to try them. These are the Somewhat Spicy Dill flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.
& that's exactly what they are. The super long name describe what they are. Mister's verdict: he likes them. There is that tangy pickle flavor with a touch of spice. I haven't tried Trader Joe's kettle chips before but they are pretty good! Normally they aren't so uniformed shaped or colored but these look good! They also have a good crunch. They are cut thinner than Lay's Kettle Cooked ones.

Are you ever just intrigued by new products that you just have to try them? Have you had these new chips?

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