Stella May I know what's in your purse?

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Of  course you may! This is a long over due post since I promised this one to you back in my purse lips post. Today's At First Beauty Post is the ever popular, What's in my Purse?
The purse is an oldie one. My mom got it for me years ago (probably middle school, if I'm honest) and a decade later I wanted to bring it back out. I really wanted  straw bag for the summer and found this one when we were cleaning out the closets.
This is how it looks all dumped out. The purse is on the smaller side. It's basically one space inside with a slip pocket. I was pretty happy it wasn't one of those old cell phone pockets as today's phone wouldn't fit! This is maybe two months of things without a major clear out. I would have thought there would be receipts and more change but it's all looking pretty clean!
 From the top picture (L-R): phone cord, hand sanitizer, eye drops, sun screen spray, menthol sniff? (it's for my motion sickness), pen. 
Second picture: roll-on perfume, Sephora subscription box perfume sample, hand cream (also from my mamma!).
Third picture: blotting sheets (post here) and one Lemonhead.
From the top picture: mini brush with hair ties and bobby pins.
Second picture: nail file and cuticle oil. (Both are from Sephora years ago, I haven't seen them since which is a shame since they are so convenient! The nail file with case is tweezerman brand. )
Third picture: a tan leather pocket with pictures, cards, dramamine pill, and a spare panty liner. the black leather one is my wallet. My wallet is actually a business card holder (here) and I just keep my id and my most used cards in there.
Here's what it looks like all in! The extra products that you see are my lip products which you can find in a separate post. (this would have been a long one if I included it here.) Everything fits nice and snug and that makes me pretty happy. But it's after labor day now so it's time to switch up the purse!

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