Stella May I know what fascinating vegetable you have found?

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 Of course you may. In my saga of trying different vegetables, I am always delighted to try a new legume. Today's Fiddle Faddle Friday Post is all about the legume: winged beans.
The winged bean has four frilly wings to each bean. Inside there are seeds which need to be cooked for a couple of hours before consumption. The pod itself could be eaten raw! I made a quick stirfry my first time cooking them. The pod texture is like the pod of other beans but on the thinner side and the frilliness add a fun texture. These were at my farmer's market last week and Mister stuck them in our cart immediately. He is not a fan of beans so this was all for me!
Also known as: Goa bean, four-angled bean, four-cornered bean, Manila bean, Mauritius bean. This bean is native to New Guinea. It grows in hot and humid climates and in the US they are primarily grown in Florida.

Have you tried any new vegetable latetly? Or better yet new legumes?

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