Stella May I know how you store your makeup?

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Of course you may. I live in a small space, so having a vanity with beautiful makeup storage is not in the works right now. However Mister has let me commandeer the top drawer of the dresser.
It's a piece that came with the apartment. (It also acts as our tv stand & a place for all our little knick-knacks to hang out. ) It drawer itself is pretty shallow and before I moved in Mister used it as a sock drawer.
Now it houses all of my makeup. From L-R: eye shadows (not really pictured), lip products, face/base foundation, and face color like blush and bronzer. This is what it looked like before I had a little clear out and rejig of everything.
My DIY makeup palette sits right on top of all the lip products and in this picture you can see the eye shadow palettes. (Aren't palettes always the most tempting to buy but I don't use them as much as I should.) Between the palettes are some of the products I have been receiving from the Sephora subscription boxes. 
On the far right houses all of my face products. This is after my little reorganization. I like to use little trays and boxes to keep things organized. In the white box holds liquid, cream, and powder foundations. In front of the foundations are my concealers. (all those pots and tubes) Then to the right is all the color products. From front to back are my highlighters, blushes, then bronzers. (I don't bronze so much as I think I am already tan.)
As you can see I am more of a gloss girl but there are some lipsticks in here.
How do you organize your makeup?

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