Stella May I know how you fixed the chip in your Chip cup?

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Of course you may! This was my favorite mug ever and I got a chip in it. It's kinda ironic, if you think about it. After months promising to fix it, Mister has finally done it and here's how he did it.
 This is the chip in my Chip cup I created. ( I dropped something and it bounced off the table and hit the cup that's how it's on the underside of the cup lip.
 This is the chip that comes in the Chip cup. It's placed so that my lip naturally rests there when I pick up the cup with my right hand.
Here's the chip that came off the cup. (you will see later that there should be more, but the rest of it was just crumbles and dust, unsalvageable.)
 So this is super simple and it makes me wonder why Mister took so long to fix it for me. Scoop out equal parts of the epoxy.
Mix until it's uniform in color.
 Apply it only the clean cup. (I swabbed it with alcohol as an extra precaution.)
 Stick the chipped off piece into place.
 Using a wet towel smooth out the excess product.
&leave to cure for 24 hours. (If it's still rough, then wait until it's cured and then sand it down. I plan to sand it with Barkeeper's Friend.)

This Beauty and the Beast Chip cup is only sold at the Disney parks so I can't link you to it. You already know how excited I am about new live-action film coming out! I have been using this cup everyday in anticipation for it. (it's my water cup)

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