Stella May I ask, what are some of your favorite mascaras?

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Of course you may. For today's At First Blush beauty post, I want to share my favorite mascaras. I don't ever have this many mascaras opened at once, but because I had hoarded all of these past their expiry date, I am able to show them to you all at once. Before I let you know what they are can you guess them from just looking at the wands?
I have here four mascaras. Unfortunately two of these are no longer being made so if you have any suggestions let me know! They also happen to be the drugstore ones, boo. From top to bottom: Dior Iconic Overcurl, L'oreal Voluminous Full Definition, Benefit Roller Lash, and L'oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions. All in Black and non-waterproof. If you can't already tell, I like curling, defining mascaras as all of them help with curl and definition. A little bit about my lashes: they just kinda stick straight out, but they are longer than normal? Well I think they are, I haven't actually compared them to other people's lashes.
The Dior Iconic Overcurl has a curved wand. It has natural bristles and I find that the spacing between the bristles really help to comb out the lashes.
The L'oreal Voluminous Full Definition has a straight. natural bristled wand. I know this looks like any other standard mascara, but there is something about the combination of wand and formula that really makes your lashes pop. This is the most voluminous one and the only one that doesn't help with curling.
The Benefit Roller Lash is the other curved wand brush, but with plastic bristles. If I want more definition than curl then I would go to this mascara. (If I wanted more curl than definition then I would pick the Dior one.) What I like the most about the Roller Lash is the two different sized combs. On the top, straighter side, there are shorter, tighter tines, while the curved side, the tines are more spaced out and longer.
The other L'Oreal mascara is the Telescopic Shocking Extensions one. What I like about this one is the flexible wand and the bristles itself. This one is the other plastic bristled one, but it comes to a point. I like to use the point to really fan out the outer lashes and get really close into the inner ones. If you can see from the picture, it's kinda flat in the middle of the bristles. The bristles are one on the top and bottom with a flat middle. It puzzled me at first but I find that the extra product that would build up there really helps to add volume.

Well, that's it! Now all of them are going into the trash as there are very expired. What are some of your favorite mascaras?

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