Stella May I know if you make your own pasta?

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Of course you may. & the answer is no. Today's post is the first of a little two part how-not-to make pasta. First of all it took almost all day and it took a lot of kneading. Second, I decided to make it on this day because our eggs were going off soon and that is probably why this pasta was such a fail.
This may be just me making excuses but pasta making is so finicky! You want to weigh all the ingredients out but then it still might not be the right texture. So I followed along Serious Eats's recipe and started with 10 oz of flour.
On top of a large cutting board (or if you are lucky then right on the counter), tip out all the flour and make a little well. Then in with all the eggs. This is a very egg heavy (and even more egg yolks) based recipe, which since my eggs were going off I was more than happy to try. About 2 whole eggs + 4 egg yolks, depending on the egg size. Remember I weighed everything so I did use just part of the fourth egg yolk. 
And then just slowly mix in the flour. 
That rich yellow color is from all the yolks. More yolks=richers flavor.
 Even if it starts to look dry, keep mixing! 
And it will start to come together. But you are probably doing it right and used better eggs, because at this stage it was still very hard for me to knead the dough. So I really should have given up at this point, but I was determined. 
If you do find it a little hard to knead then try resting the dough a little. Cover the pasta dough with a towel and walk away. Yes, I did take this advice and walked away for hours but it was still the same. I really should have known something was wrong, but I continued. Determination! 
After the kneading and resting comes the rolling. This is Mister's idea of a makeshift rolling pin. Since we had extra wooden dowels from another DIY project he thought it be a good idea to sand it smooth and oil it up and use it as a rolling pin. It has worked decently in the past, but it wasn't until this project that I realized how much the extra width in the pin helps add pressure. I had to roll this dough so hard that it would start cracking! (Again I really should have stopped when I saw just how dry this dough was, but determination!) 
We rolled it out as thin as possible and then sliced it up. 
I mean it looks pretty good in this picture but it wasn't. Come back tomorrow to find out what happened after I cooked them! 

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