Stella May I ask what is on your Lush Wish List?

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Of course you may. As you know (since I just keep harping on it) I live in a small, postage sized apartment and that means it would absolutely amazing to have a bath tub. Which of course I don't. But that doesn't stop me from lusting after the newest seasonal offerings from Lush every time the temperature changes. For today's At First Blush post, I wanted to share what I would use during bathtime, if I had a bath.
First on my list is this Autumn Leaf bath bomb. It just looks so exquisite and almost a cheerful welcome to fall. Instead of the traditional more brown and orange tones, this one has pastel green and yellow colors to ease the transition to Autumn. It smells like neroli and masculine. (This is supposebly a great alternative to the discontinued Guardians of the Galaxy bath bomb.)
The classic Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. I've had this one before and I will always reminisce about the beautiful glittery orange bath it makes. Oh the the bubbles are large and substantial. If you are worried about the glitter don't. It is pretty subtle after you crumble it into a whole bath and any glitter that lingers rinses off easily. It smells citrusy and at the same time like cider, not at all pumpkin like.
Lastly I want the cute Boo bath melt. It's supposed to turn your bath water into a milky and moisturizing. & how can you resist that cute ghost face. It smells warm and a light citrus.

Are there any Lush products you are excited for?
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