Stella May I know how you freeze bacon?

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Of course you may. Me and Mister always have bacon on hand. It's Mister's favorite. The problem is that they always come in big packs (well they do if you buy them economically), and I resort to freezing the bacon. For today's Tutorial Tuesday, I am showing you how I freeze and store them.
So not only is Mister a big fan of bacon, but he also just likes them to be thick sliced. I haven't tried this with the regular kind of bacon, but I imagine that it's the same. A lot about living in a small place is storing everything properly. I used to just take the pack of bacon (in the packaging) and toss it in the freezer. (This Farmers Hickory Brand comes in a two pack, so I keep one pack in the freezer and open the other one.)
This is about two pounds of bacon. (I already took out two slices for today's dinner.)
What I do is individually roll each slice of bacon. Because of it's higher fat content, the bacon defrosts quickly and even though I pack them pretty close together, they don't stick together. I have seen that people store bacon slices with wax or parchment paper in between, but that's kind of hassle some (and uses a lot of paper). By rolling each slice, I easily take out as many slices as I need and the rest can go back into the freezer.
Plus, how pretty do these bacon rosettes look! After they freeze in these rosettes, I can take it out of the bulky box and stick them all in a freezer bag. How do you store your bacon? Do you also always have bacon on hand?

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