Stella May I know how was Luke's?

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Of course you may. Early this morning I set out to have coffee at Luke's. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Netflix hosted a pop-up Gilmore Girls coffee shop transformation.
I left the house in the dark! I thought this is way too early for anyone to be getting coffee and then when I arrived the line was already circling the parking lot.
I basically watched the sunrise in the parking lot waiting to get a glimpse of Luke's diner.
 There were like two signs inside and plenty of Pop Tarts.
All the baristas wore paid shirts with caps (although none of them wore it backwards.) & of course the No Cell Phones sign, which everyone promptly ignored, happily snapping away.
 The first 100 get a free cup of coffee. What made it special was just the sleeve. Which is probably not worth the wait, but it was definitely fun being amongst fellow fans of the show and arguing which ex-boyfriend was the best.

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