Stella May I know how you make your morning cup of joe?

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Of course you may. As promised last week here is how I make my morning coffee. I only drink a cup in the morning, so my daily routine might not work for those that like to have more than one.
What you'll need: coffee grinder, coffee beans, coffee dripper, cup and optional pumpkin pie spice. (I know this is a lot of things, especially since I only have one cup a day.)
I like to use an airtight container for my coffee beans. I really like this one, since it has a place to store the scooper spoon.

Typically I just grind one scoopful. (It's about a tablespoon. (Normal coffee scoops should be two tablespoons.)
 I use this Vietnamese style coffee filter. I used to use the cone dripper but with this one I don't need a separate paper filter. (If you also want to make the switch to this coffee brewer then consider switching up the coffee grind size too. I like to use a courser grind as it produces a better (not bitter) flavor and it doesn't fall through.)
 I pour the coffee directly into the filter. (Set the lid underneath to catch any grounds in case it falls through.)
To make it more fall festive, I like to sprinkle in some pumpkin pie spice. About a quarter of a teaspoon? I don't really measure. Just make sure that the kind you get has the following four spices: cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg. (&no fillers) Then I screw on the press bit.
 I just set it over a cup and watch my coffee slowly drip down. It should drip continuously. (not streaming out and not one drip a second.) Adjust the press screw accordingly.
I also I like to add in my sugar or sweetener at the bottom of my cup prior to the coffee drip so it'll melt it as the coffee drips. Then just top it off with a splash of milk (or a lot for a latte or really fancy it up and heat your milk first.)

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