Stella May I ask what if there was never a Luke?

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Well we would all not know what we were missing! I am of course talking about Luke from Gilmore Girls. Did you know Luke was originally written to be a lady named Daisy? There was never going to a Luke!
Was the diner going to called Daisy's? Would it be a Lorelai and Daisy relationship that we were all really hoping was going to happen? Would Lorelai be walking into the diner with Daisy's plaid shirt?
I mean the creator Amy Sherman-Palladino didn't originally make the character Luke to be all that important anyways. Daisy was changed from female to male just because they needed more males on the show. &she didn't even change any of the dialogue! (read the rest of the article here.)
This is one of my favorite scenes from the whole series. They finally get together! &seconds later Kirk comes running naked in between them.Classic Kirk! (but really Luke + Lorelai 4eva)
Another favorite scene. When it was the first snow of the season..
And when he built her a skating rink outside her house. So many moments! How could you not be rooting for them together?
Well I am sure happy she did change it so we do have a Luke. (But what if I don't know what I missing?) Are you excited about the return of Gilmore Girls? Counting down until Friday!)

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  1. omg idk if there wasnt then then .......she would probs be living with her mom tbh or back with you know who cx if there was no luke romance would be a gasp of empty air with no cup of joe or town meetings to fill it